Ending the Semester off Right!

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Man, times goes by FAST! Finals are finally over and now it’s time for me to begin filling out more applications for graduate school. The only way for me to enjoy my break is if I could get my applications in on time.  If you are a junior or sophomore, I strongly recommend that you began looking into graduate school if you’re planning to attend. Don’t wait until the last minute to begin your application process. Also, you should look into any entrance examinations, such as GRE, GMAT and LSAT, so you can prepare ahead of time.
Don’t forget to follow the Career Development Center on Twitter at http://www.twitter.com/uiscareercenter and visit the Career Center if you need any assistance in searching for graduate schools or jobs/internships.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!!


Until Next Time!

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                “It all comes down to this…” is the sentence that begins my very last chapter in my AST handbook.  At first I thought it was very dramatic, but now that I’m down to my last day of my internship, I totally get it! It really does all come down to this! Today has been a day of reflection: What have I learned? Did I do enough in my internship? Did I challenge myself? About two hours into my last day I remembered that way back in the Fall of 2010 (ok, not too long ago…) there were two AST representatives that came into one of my classes to talk about AST and all that fun stuff. I remember only thinking “But I need a job that pays!! I need to pay rent.” Want to know what I learned this semester? Internships aren’t jobs: they’re experiences, and it’s up to you to decide what you’re going to learn from them. The “pay” is experience that is far more valuable than any dollar I would have earned if I was working instead of doing my internship. I can’t put dollar signs on my resume, but I can put this fantastic internship on it. I also believe these are experiences that just can’t be taught in classrooms. 

This is your fabulous intern signing off, but to return next semester with a blog that includes life after college!

Until next time,



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It’s that time of year. Super studying, putting off projects until the last minute, taking tests….wait, what do you mean I’m not coming back next semester?!? In August, graduating early sounded like a fabulous idea! Lately, though, I’ve been kind of freaking out about it. I’m going to be a college graduate, and I’m still going to be poor: because I have no job yet! My situation is a bit different because I know I’m starting grad school in the fall, so I can’t in good conscious accept a job offer without telling them my near-future plans. So, how do I apply for jobs and still get hired by saying “yeah, well, I’ll only be here until the fall…..” The answer: Career Connect! By logging onto http://www.uis.edu/career, and clicking the blue “C” in the top middle of the page, I can decipher through career connect which jobs are permanent or temporary, etc. Without this resource, I would be so completely lost on my job search. Instead, I have a fantastic grasp on what I may want to do after graduation and even a choice in the matter!

In the Spotlight!

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In the Spotlight!

So, I’m in this Directing class. We just held auditions for the Student-Directed Scenes, our final project of the semester. At the auditions, we had quite a variety of actors. We had everything from freshman who had only done high school musicals, to actors who had been on stage for years, to some untrained raw talent who had never performed in a show. You name it: we saw it. No matter what their experience, it was clear to the directors how well they did or did not prepare for their audition.
After fighting for the actors I wanted, my imagination started to run wild, and it hit me! I want a room full of employers fighting for me. Ok, so I know there won’t actually be a table full of employers drafting employees, but I did realize that night that how well my actors prepared for their audition was, on a smaller scale, exemplary of how well I want to prepare for employers I’m applying for. In this case, the preparation has been my four years of college. I used to flinch when I thought all I had to present was bartending on my resume, but when I built it up with Optimal Resume, everything looked so professional! Bartending all the sudden was Mixology. After spending some time on it, I am now proud to hand employers my resume!
Stop into the Career Development Center today to get started on a competitive resume today!

Internship Experience!

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Wow, time goes by FAST! I am now at the end of my internship at the Career Development center and is now reminiscing on my experience. Working at the Career Center was fun and I had to do fun things such as updating twitter, posting blogs, and posters.  I worked as a Communication and Training Assistant and this internship has taught me more about myself as a worker. It has also helped me see how important having an internship is because it is a way to prepare you for the workforce. It is a first step in learning how to be professional and stand out in the workplace. The employees are friendly and made it easier for me to adapt to the work environment.  At first I came off as a little shy and then opened up a little more. Many people complain about not wanting to work for free, but it’s not that bad! Having an experience should be more of your concern because in the future that experience would PAY OFF.

If you are looking for an internship or interested in becoming a Communication and Training assistant you should contact the Career Development Center.  Don’t think you’re too young to begin searching for internships.  The more sooner the BETTER!

~ Marquisha ~

Ready, set, GRAD!!

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It’s that time of year again! The Graduate School Fair is upon us. Are you ready?!? Are you sure?

Do you have?
• A list of questions for the recruiters, particularly the schools you are
interested in?
• Appropriate attire to make a good impression? (Dress to impress!)
• A list of schools that are going to be there so you know if your school is going
to be there?

Don’t Forget!
• Take note of admission deadlines for each school you are interested in!
• Take note of program requirements such as GRE and GMAT scores.
• Look into and take note of financial aid and/or possible scholarships and

  • Freshman, Sophomore and Juniors– DON’T be afraid to approach the recruiters and asks questions. Get an early start.

Here is a list of recruiters that will be at the fair so you can prepare!

Benedictine University at Springfield
Eastern Illinois University
Illinois State University – School of Social Work
Lincoln Christian University – Seminary
Northern Illinois University
Quincy University
Robert Morris University – MBA
Saint Louis University School of Law
Southern Illinois University – Carbondale, School of Law
Southern Illinois University Edwardsville – Management and Marketing
UIS – Biology
UIS – Communication
UIS – Computer Science
UIS – English
UIS – Environmental Studies
UIS – History MA
UIS – Human Services
UIS – Legal Studies
UIS – Management Information Systems
UIS – MBA Program
UIS – Office of Graduate Intern Program
UIS – Public Administration
UIS – Public Health
UIS – Whitney M. Young Graduate Fellowship Program
Western Illinois University

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