Wow, time goes by FAST! I am now at the end of my internship at the Career Development center and is now reminiscing on my experience. Working at the Career Center was fun and I had to do fun things such as updating twitter, posting blogs, and posters.  I worked as a Communication and Training Assistant and this internship has taught me more about myself as a worker. It has also helped me see how important having an internship is because it is a way to prepare you for the workforce. It is a first step in learning how to be professional and stand out in the workplace. The employees are friendly and made it easier for me to adapt to the work environment.  At first I came off as a little shy and then opened up a little more. Many people complain about not wanting to work for free, but it’s not that bad! Having an experience should be more of your concern because in the future that experience would PAY OFF.

If you are looking for an internship or interested in becoming a Communication and Training assistant you should contact the Career Development Center.  Don’t think you’re too young to begin searching for internships.  The more sooner the BETTER!

~ Marquisha ~