“It all comes down to this…” is the sentence that begins my very last chapter in my AST handbook.  At first I thought it was very dramatic, but now that I’m down to my last day of my internship, I totally get it! It really does all come down to this! Today has been a day of reflection: What have I learned? Did I do enough in my internship? Did I challenge myself? About two hours into my last day I remembered that way back in the Fall of 2010 (ok, not too long ago…) there were two AST representatives that came into one of my classes to talk about AST and all that fun stuff. I remember only thinking “But I need a job that pays!! I need to pay rent.” Want to know what I learned this semester? Internships aren’t jobs: they’re experiences, and it’s up to you to decide what you’re going to learn from them. The “pay” is experience that is far more valuable than any dollar I would have earned if I was working instead of doing my internship. I can’t put dollar signs on my resume, but I can put this fantastic internship on it. I also believe these are experiences that just can’t be taught in classrooms. 

This is your fabulous intern signing off, but to return next semester with a blog that includes life after college!

Until next time,