It’s that time of year. Super studying, putting off projects until the last minute, taking tests….wait, what do you mean I’m not coming back next semester?!? In August, graduating early sounded like a fabulous idea! Lately, though, I’ve been kind of freaking out about it. I’m going to be a college graduate, and I’m still going to be poor: because I have no job yet! My situation is a bit different because I know I’m starting grad school in the fall, so I can’t in good conscious accept a job offer without telling them my near-future plans. So, how do I apply for jobs and still get hired by saying “yeah, well, I’ll only be here until the fall…..” The answer: Career Connect! By logging onto, and clicking the blue “C” in the top middle of the page, I can decipher through career connect which jobs are permanent or temporary, etc. Without this resource, I would be so completely lost on my job search. Instead, I have a fantastic grasp on what I may want to do after graduation and even a choice in the matter!