In the Spotlight!

So, I’m in this Directing class. We just held auditions for the Student-Directed Scenes, our final project of the semester. At the auditions, we had quite a variety of actors. We had everything from freshman who had only done high school musicals, to actors who had been on stage for years, to some untrained raw talent who had never performed in a show. You name it: we saw it. No matter what their experience, it was clear to the directors how well they did or did not prepare for their audition.
After fighting for the actors I wanted, my imagination started to run wild, and it hit me! I want a room full of employers fighting for me. Ok, so I know there won’t actually be a table full of employers drafting employees, but I did realize that night that how well my actors prepared for their audition was, on a smaller scale, exemplary of how well I want to prepare for employers I’m applying for. In this case, the preparation has been my four years of college. I used to flinch when I thought all I had to present was bartending on my resume, but when I built it up with Optimal Resume, everything looked so professional! Bartending all the sudden was Mixology. After spending some time on it, I am now proud to hand employers my resume!
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