~Obtaining a letter of recommendation for graduate school can be tough because you have to find professors who will have the time to complete it. It is the middle of the semester where professors are really busy and have little extra time on their hands. Not only is finding professors are an issue, but having them remember you can be an issue as well. The last time I communicated with my old professors were two years ago, so asking them to write a letter for me was a scary process.

If you are planning to attend grad school, have some professors in mind during your junior year. Therefore, you can spend time getting to know them, which will make it easier and much faster for them to write it.  I know sometimes it could be awkward speaking with your professor about things other than classwork and sometimes you don’t care to know your professor outside of the classroom. If you’re that shy person like me and you don’t normally speak to your professors, now it’s that time to CHANGE. You don’t have to know all your professors, just the professors who’ve class you’ve enjoyed. Therefore, you can feel very comfortable with asking them to write you a letter of recommendation in the future.

The graduate school process is such a long process and having professors in mind before your senior year, is a BEST way to begin applying for grad school. Have you thought about which professors you wanted to write you a letter of recommendation?~