Hello. My name is Lindsey, and I am a shopaholic. I know I have a problem, and I am ready to face my consequences: credit card debt. Although I’m not too far in the hole, any kind of debt still freaks me out. Fortunately, I paid my way through my junior college, so my Associate’s Degree hanging on my wall is paid off. (Whew!) My last two years of my Bachelor’s Degree….well that’s another story. That’s why when I think about how I’m going to fund my Master’s Degree my blood pressure rises. About a year ago is when I found out about assistantships for grad students. My blood pressure is now back to normal.
Question: What is an assistantship?
Answer: M O N E Y !!
Graduate schools have different kinds of assistantships where you can trade your time and skills you have acquired during your undergrad for tuition, and sometimes a stipend. For example, one of the grad schools I’m applying to has two options for an assistantship: teaching or research. Dependent on wether or not I get accepted for an assistantship, if I put an extra 20 hours in a week, my Master’s Degree may just be paid, or well on its way to being paid for. Yes, it’s more work while you’re earning your degree, but you can earn it now, or pay it off later. I rather buy a house and more shoes later than be a slave to student loans for the rest of my life.

Want more information on assistantships?? Attend the Graduate School Fair this Thursday, November 3rd from 11-2 in the PAC concourse. This is not a fair for graduate students: freshman, sophomores, and juniors need to attend this fair!