Filling out graduate school applications is a long process and it involves time, commitment and dedication. It is a long process that has to be attended to ahead of time. You sit back and say “Oh, I have plenty of time,” but time goes by fast and you realize that you have to begin the process NOW. You have to try to contact your previous professors to see if they have the time to write you a letter of recommendation. Last month I have asked one of my professors to write me a letter of recommendation and I haven’t heard from him since.

Moreover, I am at the stage of writing a personal statement and restructuring my resume. In the beginning, I was unsure of how I should begin my personal statement or even what I should write about. It was tough because I haven’t written one since high school. In addition, certain schools want the essay to be in a certain format, while others require a basic writing sample. I recommend that if you’re at the process of writing your personal essay, you should visit the Career Development Center or visit the CTL.  One of the things I find interesting when applying to graduate school is when you start to feel good about the progress you’ve made. If you are applying to grad school and is not feeling good about it, than maybe you should rethink attending graduate school.  In addition, it’s not too late to attend the Graduate School Fair on November 3rd because you may just discover a new college that interests you.