Did I always know that I wanted to go to graduate school? No. Did I decide before my junior year of college that I wanted to go? Yes.  So why is it, now that I’m eight weeks from receiving my bachelor’s degree, that  am I freaking out about taking the GRE and what grad school I’m attending Fall of 2012? Because I didn’t plan ahead. The career counselors were right!! Planning ahead really saves time, and most importantly saves stress. Here I am, smack dab in the middle of my mid-terms week, and worrying because I am taking the GRE—tomorrow. I believe my blood pressure is at an all-time high! What could I have done to prevent this? Plan ahead. I should have gone to graduate school fairs my freshman and sophomore years (and even junior year) to at least explore the option of life beyond my undergraduate degree. Fortunately for you, the UIS Career Development Center does offer a graduate fair every school year. This year it is November 3, from 11-2. I strongly suggest attending, because I don’t want you to end up as stressed as I am this week!