Everyone has been discussing how social media networks, such as Facebook and Twitter, can ruin your career. They’ve discussed how some job employers will research your name and can view your Facebook profile information, even if it is private. Well, it’s TRUE! Many employers search the names of their employees and if there is something they don’t like, they will FIRE you. In addition, an employer may not hire you because they think you will give the company a negative image.

Moreover, I have a few tips that may help you avoid getting FIRED, or not getting HIRED.  For my first tip, I recommend students not to post photos or videos on Facebook that are inappropriate. In addition, untag yourself in any inappropriate photos that your friends have tagged you in. For example, a friend tags you in a photo of you drunk at a party. Another tip is to avoid updating negative statuses or statuses that have a lot of swearing in it. Keep the negative thoughts to yourself! My last tip is to be aware of who post things on you wall or how you respond to the people that post things on your wall.  If your friends’ posts something inappropriate on your wall, delete their wall post.   Think before you act and don’t let social media ruin your career!