Gambling. It’s a term that when I hear it I think of Vegas. And slot machines. And glitter and sparkles. I visited Las Vegas once as a kid, and once in my 20’s. As an adult in Vegas, I have found it’s not so much fun to allow a machine to eat my $20 bill with the possibility of never seeing its equivalence again. We can gamble with lots of things other than just money, though: grades, relationships, choice of graduate schools, and most importantly a job search once we graduate. I am learning that educating myself now on resume building and interviewing will secure less of a gamble in my near future after I graduate. Most importantly, learning how to find a job that exercises my interests and talents ensures a job that I will more than likely have to take less of a gamble on. The UIS Career Development Center starts their Wednesday Webinar Series this Wednesday, October 5, from 2 to 3 pm educating us on how to find a job that best fits us. I have already signed up, and hope you will too!

If it’s a perfect federal fit you’re looking for, sign up for our webinar for Tuesday, October 4th from 4 to 5 pm,.

Visit to sign up!