Your career should fit you like a glove

Heels, purses, belts, scarves….I just love accessories! They make my happy. My favorite? A vintage pair of leather gloves I recently picked up at an antique mall a few weeks back. (I’m actually excited about cold weather for the first time this year because of these gloves alone!) This pair fit me perfectly! As I near the end of my 20’s, I realize that like these gloves, other items in my life need to fit perfectly on me in order to be happy as well: like my career. Just like a pair of gloves that are too tight (I can’t hold on to anything!) or too big (I definitely can’t drive!) my career must fit in order to hold it high and proud and walk out at the end of the day feeling accomplished, energized, and with a smile on my face.  Coincidentally, the UIS Career Development Center came to my aid once again by offering a series of Wednesday Webinar Series starting Wednesday, October 5. This first webinar will present ideas on how to find a career that makes me want to go to work (perhaps a career just like my internship!) and be proud of what I do and who I am. Although my new career will probably look down on my wearing my new-to-me-vintage-leather gloves, I can always look at them and smile, because I know that they fit me as well as my career.

Interested?!?!? Visit to RSVP!! If you are an online student, you can still RSVP to our online version