Since high school, I’ve always wanted to attend graduate school. While being in college, I learned that time can be as fast as a blink of an eye. During my freshman and sophomore years, I knew what schools I wanted to attend, but I didn’t make an effort to search graduate school websites or review their requirements. During my junior year, I began viewing college websites such as Northwestern University and UIUC, but I still did not make any effort in viewing the steps needed to complete an application. Moreover, I did not attend any career fairs events or college tours. It was not until my senior year when I realized that I needed to take the Graduate Records Examination (GRE). That, I would say, is the biggest mistake when applying for grad school. I have to take the exam in the next few months and I missed out on a 50% off deal of the exam fee. This will definitely be a stressful year for me because I have to apply for grad school, work, prepare for the GRE, and complete five courses at UIS. I recommend all college students of all grade levels to look into graduate school and attend college fairs before their senior year. It would definitely help to eliminate stress during their last year. GOOD LUCK!