As I walked around the Foot in the Door Fair searching for students whom I could interview, I realized that I had started to equate this fair to sports recruiters looking for potential team members.  The recruiters being the employers or companies scouring the crowds for new interns/employees/volunteers, and the potential team members, of course, being the students roaming the fair. As I combed the fair watching the recruiters handpick their potential team members, I realized the only potential players being recruited for teams were the students “in uniform” – – business casual or dressier. The potential players that didn’t show up in uniform (jeans, t-shirts, tank tops, shorts, or all of the above) were left in the dust on the sidelines, not being approached by recruiters. Next I noticed that potential players that were in already formed teams (students walking through the fair in packs), were not being approached by recruiters. It’s hard for a recruiter to see a team player’s potential if they are hiding behind an already formed team. I also found that recruiters tend to want to be approached by potential players (students) in groups of no more than two.