What does a full-time non-traditional student at senior status in her late-20’s and a bad resume have in common? Well, in my case, a lot. When I applied for this internship, I didn’t realize how poorly written (by yours truly!) my resume was until I started to enviously witness great resumes leaving the Career Development Center at UIS. Ready to pounce on the next traditional student that has a better resume than I, (I kid!) I decided to utilize the Resume Building Marathon going on right in front of me! I was introduced to the graduate assistant, Susan, and she was incredible! She showed me around Optimal Resume, which is software used by the Center to build a fantastic resume. Optimal was wonderful because it held my hand throughout the whole process. Susan also gave me a list of action verbs (and not just any old verbs: fancy verbs like ‘implemented’ and ‘systemized’) to further market myself on my resume to employers. Referring to my handy-dandy list of skills I had brought with me, I was able to sit and create bulleted list all of my education and job experience under their respected headings. After I had some progess with my resume, I decided to print and have it critiqued at this point. I found Gayle, she took one look at it and said…..

To be continued…..Tune in next week!