As I begin my journey as a brand new intern at the UIS Career Development Center, I see the irony that has already developed. You see, when I found out about this amazing internship opportunity, I was nervous that my resume would not be professional enough and would hold me back. I also worried that I was a young woman with only bartending experience to bring into the work force.  I now see that I am surrounded every day by countless resources in order to make myself and my communications degree marketable.  The Resume Building Marathon catapults my resume into a league of its own guaranteeing my professionalism to future employees.  Every day I am shown new opportunities to market myself and my degree. I am realizing that this internship is not only invaluable because of the experience, but because of the endless tools to which I have access.  My goal this semester is to educate UIS students on the resource wealth we have in our Career Development Center , from resume building to graduate schools to getting your resume out on the playing field.