It has been four weeks since our career center’s first introduction to Optimal Resume. Even though the fall classes have not started yet, we are pleased to see that an increasing number of students are already giving Optimal Resume a try.

If you have already become familiar with Optimal Resume and are actively exploring it, that is great. We appreciate you and you are now one step further into successful career development (yay!).  For those of you who are still skeptical of putting your hands on this, I created a short tutorial video on how to easily access Optimal Resume via UIS CareerConnect.

Meanwhile, I will share some of my impression (tips, pros, and cons) on Optimal Resume for the next few weeks.

If you have already given Optimal Resume a try, I would love for you to leave some feedbacks so I can try those out myself and make the next post much better and useful for all of us.

Thanks and happy career development!