Since July 1, all students who have completed fall registration have gained access to CareerConnect!

Students can now apply for on-campus jobs (not to mention off-campus part/full time and internships) that you’ve always wanted.

I have gotten a lot of calls lately about applying for on-campus jobs, so you should have you resume ready, uploaded, and approved on CareerConnect ASAP because literally everyone wants the job you want.


Earn some extra cash while living on campus and have something to put on your resume. How better can it get for a college student (especially if you don’t have a car to get a part-time job off campus), right?


Walk-In hours are gone! Our new system calledFastPass eliminates the inconvenience of coming in at a random time only to realize there’s a long line of students waiting! Plus, all the good ole’ features like no need to schedule appointments remain!


What is FastPass?

FastPass is a new service coming to the Career Development Center this fall. It allows you to pick a time to stop by, call in, or chat online with the Career Development Center gurus who have the answers to your career questions. FastPass replaces the old “Walk-In” style system. There’s no more waiting in line! Just login, pick a time, and show up later that day. You will be sure to get your 30 minute appointment with your career guru on-time, when you ACTUALLY need it.

What can I work on during my FastPass time?

  • Resume tips, reviews, and starter information
  • Cover letters
  • Personal Statements for Grad School Applications
  • Basic job search information
  • CVs

How hard is it to get my FastPass time?

It will be really easy. 3 Easy Steps:

  1. Login to UIS CareerConnect. (Beginning in Late July)
  2. Pick a date and time
  3. Show up! (or appear online…call in…)


Find out more about FastPass at