15 dollars and 50 cents

This is the dollar amount UIS students pay for each fall and spring semester for career service fees.

I decided to break it down a bit so it sounds more realistic in terms of what we can buy with it.

$15.50 = Almost 6 cups of regular Starbucks coffee

$15.50 = 11 Sodas/beverages from UIS vending machines

$15.50 = 15 Red Box movies

$15.50 = More than 3 gallons of gas

What happens after 6 cups of coffee, 11 sodas, and 15 movies? Probably an instant pleasure for a day or two, nothing more.

I had to lay this out first because for 15.50 dollars, we may gain a life-time of career advancement by using your school’s Career Development Center. It’s a shame that so many services offered by our colleges’ career centers go unnoticed despite their active marketing effort.

Students (and even I used to) tend to think that nowadays they are “bombarded” with such a big flow of information that they do not even know what to pick and choose. I somewhat agree with that but one would be missing out not to take an advantage of an opportunity that is laid out in front of his/her eyes.

Students also tend to have an assumption that their local career centers don’t really offer anything, but I promise you that you will change your mind after making a first appointment with your career advisor. Webinars, workshops, career fairs, internships, and resume critiquing are just part of what a career center offers. An open mind and willingness to learn are all we ask for. Plus, you’re still paying $15.50 no matter if you use our services or not, so why not just get your monies worth, right? And we can help you do that!