This is my work station! I get to have my own little office  for a while until the new GA starts working. Pretty cozy huh? 😀

I’m learning what it means to work independently. I have been realizing these days that working independently truly means not only working on projects and assignments in my own hands and time according to the guidelines and deadlines but also means initiating my own project by being creative and making improvements while updating my supervisor regularly.

I also realized that my work styles are the reflection of how I spent time in school. As an average student in college, I did homework with instructors’ guidelines and turned it in before or on the due date. After I was done with homework, part-time job, or extracurricular activity, I used my free time to Facebook, online shop, and watch some TV shows. Above-average student would have gone above and beyond and probably spent their free time reading, developing new skills, and keeping themselves busy with other things.

Because of my worthless past habits, it’s true that at times when I was done with assignments my supervisor gave me, I did not know what else to do. I was bored (I guess you can take that as sort of a confession).

But at least I realize now that I was being unproductive to myself and to the organization I belong to. At least I now know what it truly means to work independently.

So since last week I have been going above and beyond at work. I am reading “the zen of social media marketing” by Shama Kabani to learn how social media can leverage the organization’s reputation and credibility. I am recording statistics on blog site traffic to study what the visitors look for when they type in certain terms in search engine websites. I am visiting other bloggers to see what makes their posts so popular and engaging. Finally, I am writing down what I did and learned each day in a journal. So there, wouldn’t you say I have been stepping up lately to go above and beyond?

What are you doing to make your work life less boring or more productive? Maybe you’re going through the same thought process as I did. Let your frustration out. Let’s talk about it. We can be each other’s shrinks for today 😀