Here are more tips on getting better at an interview.

Know who you will be talking to (recruiter vs. hiring manager).

Looking to apply for bigger organizations? Chances are you’ll probably get two or more interviews. If that is the case, you want to tailor your interview answers and questions accordingly. I didn’t know this until recently and the phone interview (which was a screening interview with a recruiter) that I totally bombed still breaks my heart.

A recruiter -> Broader questions about the organization as a whole (why you’re applying to be part of the company, etc.).
A hiring manager -> Finding out more about you and how you will fit specifically to the job you’re applying for.

Think before you speak.

If you try to answer the question right away (especially when some questions are unexpected), you will end up rambling and speaking too much without getting to the point. Take a moment to reflect before answering a question, or ask questions back to clarify the interviewer’s question. It’s ok to bug your friends and families to practice so you feel rather at ease to take a few seconds to think about how you will answer those without telling the interviewer you don’t know.