It might sound like a no big deal, but I want to share with you a little happy moment that I had while working at the Career Development Center as an intern.

A few days after my first day at work, I was all alone in the office (still not knowing exactly how this place works and nervous about what questions the next caller or a visitor would ask that I have no idea of). A student comes in, and goes, “So this is a career center and it’s supposed to help students, right? I am graduating in a year and I have no idea what the heck I want to do.”

Literally for like 3 seconds, there was silence. I had no idea what to say. But I quickly put myself together – thinking, ‘yeah, I’ve been there, and it’s a horrible feeling.’ – and asked him if he was a student, enrolled for summer or fall, and walked him through step by step on how to make an appointment with a career counselor who will help him with career exploration.

He walked out happily hoping to meet his career counselor soon.

You know, it never gets old. I’ve done tons of volunteer services and took several part-time jobs, but that joy (for the lack of better word) of being able to help people advance in life ALWAYS is a good feeling. I would call it Boram in Korean, which can’t be translated into one word in English.

I can feel boram in my everday life because I took on something, a responsibility. So if you’re sitting around wondering about what you want to do or you want to feel boram too, take action. Get a job, join a club, or volunteer of any work. Even though you take on something and you hate it, you’ll at least know that you don’t like it. And if you love it, you just found yourself a passion 😉