I know, I know. Same old interview tips again, right?

We see gazillions of interview tips flowing around books and web sites, but why do they keep getting published? Because interviews are everything! As a job seeker myself, even though I read the interview tips over and over again, in reality, the nerves end up biting my butt or I think that a little bit of slack will just be fine.

So let’s GIT R’ DUN !!!…..again… and a little by little so it’s not too much to absorb, and hopefully some of the tips will come fresh to your mind 🙂

Leave the cell phone out.

Even if you have it on vibrate or silent, something always happens with it. Please, the world is not going to end with your cell phone gone for an hour. Let’s completely turn it off or just leave it at home.

Shake Hands.

Waiting for the interviewer to put their hands out first? No worries, just put yours out first!! A University of Alabama study found that a person’s handshake reflects key personal traits including confidence and degree of shyness. Yes, there is a study to prove it!

More to come! Now, go practice the tips with your friends and families. I’m going to do that right now with my boss. See ya!