Hi friends, job-seeking neighbors, fellow interns, and everyone else who is working hard at your career and to the top! After a 3-day (4-day for many of you who added a furlough or a day off) Memorial weekend, this week seemed awfully short with 4 days of having to work. I’m thinking, ‘maybe I should have worked on Thursday,’ but hey, it’s another Friday after all. So let’s finish it hard so this weekend feels much sweeter!

Today I would like to share with you how I got my internship at Career Development Center today. If you are a UIS student and are looking for employment in local areas, this might help. I wasn’t originally looking at local internships, but it was good to broaden my geographical range so I could have more options in applying. The best way to do job searches on local internships was through UIS CareerConnect and to regularly visit UIS Applied Study Term office website. Both websites have all the listings of current employers who are seeking job candidates. They not only have internship postings, but also up-to-date temporary/seasonal and permanent full-time positions for current students and recent graduates.

When I clicked on each job title, it had job descriptions, requirements, and instructions on how to apply. I followed the instructions, sent my resume and a cover letter, got an interview, and here I am! So if you are in Springfield area, bored to death, needing some extra cash, or some meaningful experiences, I would recommend CareerConnect.

If I, an average college girl with an only desire to do well in life and be successful in her own terms did it, you can do it too!  Here is the link: http://www.uis.edu/careerservices and click on UIS CareerConnect student login.

Have a fun and productive weekend, and we’ll see you next week!